About Milford Grove

Welcome to the official website of Milford Grove. I am an author based in the North of England and I have previously worked in Education and Psychology. I have always been interested in the strange aspects of Victorian history and years of research has culminated in my debut novel: “The Secret Life of The Elephant Man”.

In terms of literary influences, my favourite authors are Yukio Mishima, George Orwell, James Ellroy and Norman Mailer. My writing is influenced by the philosophy of existentialism: mans agony of choice. But above all, I endeavour to make my work fast paced, action packed and entertaining.

My main inspirations for this book are “What If?” questions. What if Joseph Merrick as a performer was different to Joseph Merrick the person? What if Joseph Merrick’s affections of innocence and piety were an extension of his sideshow persona which he used to win favour with his benefactors?  What if the man behind The Elephant Man, is someone we have never encountered?

“The Secret Life of The Elephant Man” is a story inspired by Joseph Merrick, a work of fiction, not an historical account. However, I wanted to represent the authentic social conditions and attitudes of the time, hence the extensive research. On a wider level, the book is an allegory for the rise of Eugenics at the end of the 19th Century and the measures that the western world took to reduce the number of so-called “defectives”, who were deemed a menace to society.

On this website you will find articles to compliment the book and the essay: “Why I Wrote The Secret Life of The Elephant Man”, an in depth account of my motivations.

I do not have a social media account. Please submit any enquiries via the Contact page.